Graham Parker & The Figgs – Live At The FTC

| December 7, 2010

In a career spanning nearly 35 years, this is singer/songwriter Graham Parker’s first live performance DVD. Recorded on April 23, 2010 at the FTC Stageone in Fairfield, Connecticut, this is a performance DVD that was worth the wait.
In the 80’s, Parker was well-regarded, if not well-known, as a songwriter of some very powerful songs, quite a few of which focused on progressive ideas. Like most of his better-known peers, he has mellowed a bit with age, but his performances are still vital and energetic.
This show was part of Parker’s tour behind his 20th recording, Imaginary Television. Of the 21 cuts on the current recording, six of those appear in the DVD. It is a testament to the artist’s talent and longevity that these new cuts fare very well when compared to some of his classic tunes, such as “White Honey” or “Blue Highways.” Parker even manages to sneak in a rare introductory guitar solo for “Broken Skin.” Another Imaginary Television tune, “Weather Report” features a searing guitar solo from Mike Gent of The Figgs.
His backing band for this performance, The Figgs are a New York-based band which Parker has used off and on over the years. As noted in the previous paragraph, Figgs guitarist Mike Gent is a stand out on a number of tracks. But it is Parker who really brings the music alive.
Included on the DVD is a half-hour interview that is more a running monologue by Parker as he discusses his life and music, which makes it a very unique and entertaining extra.
Here is a list of songs from this performance:
-Turn It into Hate
-It’s My Party (But I Won’t Cry)
-England’s Latest Clown
-Hole in the World, Life Gets Better
-Weather Report, Broken Skin
-You Hit the Spot
-My Love’s Strong
-Black Lincoln Continental
-Blue Highways
-Bring Me a Heart Again
-Beancounter, Local Boys
-Local Girls
-White Honey
-Mercury Poisoning
-1st Responder
-Soul Shoes

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