| October 10, 2009

Godkiller: Walk Among Us is proof that just because something is innovative, that doesn’t inherently make it good. This short film is the first in a three-part series based on Matt Pizzolo’s comic book about a post-apocalyptic world in which a guy named Mulciber wanders around spouting bleak pseudo-philosophy, prostitutes steal organs, and a young man named Tommy who lives in an orphanage with his dying sister Lucy sets out on a quest to find her a new heart.
The first half of the 25 minute running time follows the grizzled Mulciber (voiced by Lance Henriksen), a vigilante of sorts, as he babbles on and on about the decimated state of the world. However, when the world needs as much explanation as this one does, it hardly seems worth it. The second half of the film makes an abrupt point-of-view switch to focus on Tommy (Justin Courtney Pierre) and his determination to save his sister from the evil clutches of Dr. West (Bill Moseley), who plans to harvest her for parts. As Tommy hides and watches, two prostitutes kill Dr. West, poetically doing to him what he’s presumably done to many before. Tommy decides that these women may be his only hope to save his sister.
The filmmaking itself is slick. Appropriately called an illustrated film, Godkiller uses Anna Muckcracker’s original artwork from the comic book by Pizzolo (here the writer/director), sets it in motion, adds sound effects and voice talent, and literally brings the comic to life. It’s very creatively and skillfully made, without a doubt, but the film suffers from the excessive, nonsensical narration plaguing the first half. It feels preachy and self-important with little-to-no basis for either. The incredibly muddled story gets marginally more engaging with the appearance of Tommy, a likeable and plucky fellow, but it’s ultimately too little too late.

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