Ghost Rig

| June 18, 2003

Evil has a new home on Julian Kean’s Ghost Rig. In this ghost story, a group of environmentalists climb aboard an abandoned oil rig, which is scheduled for destruction. They planned to broadcast to the world their protests, but when a colleague turns up dead, their priorities shift to their survival.
A hidden surveillance system reveals the rig’s previous occupants were wiped out by an evil spirit which could body hop, that is take possession of their bodies, leaving a trail of dead bodies in it’s wake. Ghost Rig stars Jamie Bamber (Band of Brothers, Battlestar Galactica), Bryan Carney (Swimming Pool–Der Tod feiert mit), and Jaason Simmons (Baywatch, The Pass), and was written by Sally Charlton, Graeme Clapperton, Bill Dale III, and Julian Kean who also directed.
As my faithful readers will know, I always give the movies fair consideration and do not expect more from them then there really is…if that makes any sense. I will watch just about anything (as I’ve also said before) save for any movies dealing with the Devil because, well…that just really scares the hell outta me. So, I began viewing this movie with my movie snack of, any guesses? S’mores and coke, only this time it was a Mr. Pibb and I found myself to be more interested in my snack then in the movie.
You remember the movie Fallen with Denzell Washington that had the same kind of demon possession storyline, that a demon could easily take human bodies by a mere touch. Well this movie ain’t Fallen and there are no Denzell Washington’s, but there were a few points to the movie that I did like. For example, environmentalists having something else to worry about then what their next complaint is going to be. Oh no, did I say that? Guess I’ll be getting a few e-mails with that comment.
I hate to say that Ghost Rig had potential as I have said in past reviews. But I gotta say that I just wasn’t feeling this concept. The movie’s okay for a good laugh. Maybe. Scary? No, but there comic relief and the one liners are pretty good too. The bad guys always get the best lines so in Ghost Rig, everyone has at least one good line.
MTI Home Video, the leading independent home entertainment studio, and their Studio Partner, Artist View Entertainment will release Ghost Rig on VHS and DVD July 1, 2003 (prebook was on June 11, 2003). The DVD will feature 16×9 Enhanced Widescreen, Interactive Menus, Scene Selection, Trailers, and Optional Spanish Subtitles. The DEV will be available for $24.95 MSRP and the VHS (rental) will be available for $49.95 with your choice of English or English with Spanish subtitles. For more information, please visit

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