Four-Faced Liar

| November 8, 2010

Playing this month at the Chicago Reeling 29 film festival, Four-Faced Liar, Slamdace official selection, is not your average gay conversion story. Molly (Emily Peck) is a “straight” professional woman recently married to Greg (Daniel Carlisle). They are new residents of NYC, but already Molly is bored with the humdrum of everyday married, domestic life. A classic case of a newly wed couple except for a dramatic twist of fate when Molly finds a soulmate in the contagious vibe of the free-lovin’ loose-living Bridget (Marja Lewis Ryan).
Recently moved, Molly and Greg try out a real local bar called the Four-Faced Liar in New York City’s West Village where they meet the tomboyish, aggressive Bridget and her roommate, Trip (Todd Kubrak). There’s no hope for the two guys getting together as exciting as that possibility might be for gay viewers. Instead, the reverse happens when Bridget puts the moves on Molly but backs off once she finds out she’s unavailable. What Bridget doesn’t expect is that Molly will turn around and pursue her as the four friends grow closer.
This debut feature by directed Jacob Chase was produced by the actors themselves who were inspired by audience response to the play on which the film is based. One of the most impressive young group of filmmakers and actors promise to usher in a new generation of gay and lesbian filmmaking teams. With the recent success of the French Canadian director, Xavier Dolan (I Killed My Mother, Heartbeats), we can only expect that Four-Faced Liar will be one of many more films about a generation ready to reject labels and throw uncertainty to the wind.
Four-Faced Liar goes on sale at Nov. 9, 2010.

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