Final Destination 2

| February 1, 2003

A good horror flick either leaves you scared to death (13 Ghosts, The Ring) or allows you to laugh in death’s face. Last night I watched Final Destination 2 and had a great laugh. If you like “this kind” of movie, scary, gory and shocking, you will enjoy Final Destination 2.
Final Destination 2 takes place one year after the original Final Destination. College student Kimberly Corman (A.J. Cook from The House Next Door and Ripper) and her friends are on their way to spring break in Daytona Beach when she has a premonition of a nasty multi-car pile up in which she and her friends die. She pulls over on the on-ramp, stopping traffic and keeping her and several cars from becoming entangled in the ensuing wreck, which starts with all of the timber falling off a logging truck. She has, like Alex Browning in the original, cheated death to live another day. For fans of the first Final Destination, you are familiar with the story line of the two movies, you can’t cheat death of its plan you, can only delay it, pissing it off and making it get creative in the way it “offs” you. But death has a sense of honor, it seems, and gives you a sporting chance if you see the signs and get out of the way. Final Destination 2 becomes a story of how the survivors try and stop death’s plan.
With the title of Final Destination, you have a good idea that they are not successful and you are going to get to watch some unusual deaths. Just like the first installment of what looks like will be a series, that just is not going to happen. In that way, Final Destination 2 is better than the first one in that the killings are more imaginative (except for the bus killing in #1 which was the best offing I have ever seen in a horror flick) and the characters, though we care about their safety, are easier to laugh at. I am not going to pimp any of the fun here but death seems to be more interested in head shots this time. And director David Ellis (Homeward Bound II and TONS of assistant and 2nd Unit stuff) wants to give you that “up close and personal” kind of view. This is NOT a movie for the little ones. The R-rating is well deserved.
I have seen Final Destination 1 four times. That has got to be a record for me. I am not a huge fan of the medium, but Final Destination 1 just struck my fancy. A good story, creative “offings,” and enough of a believable ending that I left fulfilled. I even watched the DVD with director/writer comments. I am glad I did because they put a lot of extra little details into the movie that made it more memorable. They also gave me clues to watch for during the sequel. Each killing is given a very subtle prelude and a not some no so subtle clues. For example, the just before the first killing you see the word EYE spelled out in magnetic letters on the refrigerator of the victim. Guess how he dies? Very graphic. I laughed hysterically. I spent a lot of time laughing (sometimes I was the only one in the theater laughing… most of them were gasping. For me it was more of a sporting event: “Did you see the tackle Death laid out on that guy?”
If you are squeamish, you aren’t going to see this movie. My wife spent a bunch of time with her face covered–but she was a good sport for going. But if you like horror and action flicks, run right in and uh…don’t forget your seat belt.

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