Fairy Tail: Part One

| November 23, 2011

Fairy Tail: Part One is an enjoyable anime to watch in every way. The writing, characters, and animation are done so well that by the end of the first episode you are hooked. Whether watching on Blu-ray or DVD, the visuals are amazing. It is clear and sharp, with contrasts in color and shadow that create an almost enthralling experience at first glance. While watching the opening, you wonder if the beauty will continue during the main portion of the show, and to your great relief–it does. While the show does use animation short cuts, such as recycled animation during fight prep and kitchi drawings for comedic affect, it does not take away from the show. On the other hand, it adds to the appeal of the anime. The consistent fight prep shots help to build a sense of continuity and knowledge of what is to come. When it does change you are more aware that something new is about to happen. The comedic animation techniques not only create laughter but enhance the overall beauty of the show.
Fairy Tail starts by following a young wizard, Lucy Heartfilia, who is walking around town with no apparent aim. It is later revealed that she is wearing to join a magical guild. In the fictional country of Fioria where this anime takes place, there are many magical guilds in which wizards can gain membership. Lucy would like to join on of the most famous guilds in Fioria, Fairy Tail. It should be said that she soon finds out that the Fairy Tail guild is not only famous because of its important members but also for going a little overboard on many of their missions. Lucy soon meets up with a member of Fairy Tail, Natsu, who is travelling around the country side with his companion, Happy, a talking cat. Natsu is looking for his foster father, who disappeared seven years previous. Shortly after their meeting, Natsu invites Lucy to come with him to the Fairy Tail guild hall, and from there she is inducted into the guild, starting off her new life as a member of a unique team of wizards.
The characters in Fairy Tail are fun to watch. They are all unique in design, personality, and magical abilities. While there are a few characters that dot the anime in which the designs are not as good as the others, it should be noted that this is in comparison to the other characters in the show. The designs are done so well that even a small falter in a design of a character stands out. With that in mind, it is easily said that the character designs are beautiful and fit the personalities just as beautifully. One of my favorite things about the show in terms of character design is the color of hair on one of the wizards, Erza Scarlett. As her last name implies, her hair a red color, but it is not the normal fire red that is seen on many anime characters. Her hair is a blood red, when seen for the first time practically took my breath away.
Along with the character designs, the backgrounds are drawn in an equally breathtaking manner. It adds another level of beauty and depth to the visual art of the anime. And through all of this beauty, you are still getting great storylines and character development. I wait with great anticipation for the next release, as you will too.
Fairy Tail: Part One comes in a case which contains a reversible character cover. This is a fun extra to the purchase, as it gives you the ability to make the set your own by choosing the cover you prefer. Other extras in the set are episode commentaries, textless songs, and trailers.

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