Explicit Ills

| July 8, 2009

Mark Webber’s Explicit Ills takes a deep swim in the waters of some pretty heavy issues plaguing society today. Explicit Ills is a gritty story involving drugs, sex, and love. It follows the stories of four different walks of life from the poverty stricken to the ravages of drug addiction. Starring Rosario Dawson as a poor single mother and Paul Dano a starving actor who befriends a giving little boy named Babo. You may recognize Dano from such films as Little Miss Sunshine and There Will Be Blood.
The movie is at times hard to follow when it jumps from story to story but still maintains it’s emotional weight. The generosity of Babo, who despite his poor family, still manages to give and give. Although he suffers from intense Asthma, his spirit is remains strong throughout the movie.
Explicit Ills is not intended for the young audience as it contains very mature themes. There are numerous scenes involving marijuana and other drugs. That aside, there is something for everyone. A love story, a battle against poverty and drug addiction, and even a dream realized. It’s even a little bit of a tear jerker.
A great performance from each character enriches this story of equal economic rights, an issue cities face today. Explicit Ills is a learning experience, perhaps even an eye opener. I would recommend this movie to anyone of the appropriate age and maturity.

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