| June 12, 2002

Not since Showgirls (1995) has a big budgeted drama provided so many unintentional laughs. Don’t blame star Jennifer Lopez (Out of Sight, Angel Eyes), since she actually turns in a good performance as a battered wife. But serious filmmaker/British director, Michael Apted (Nell–1994, The World is Not Enough, the 7UP through 42UP series) ought to ashamed of himself. Or maybe it’s the fault of writer Nicholas Kazan (Dream Lover–1994). This Mr. Kazan is the son of the great Elia Kazan (East Of Eden–1955, Splendor In The Grass–1961), but as an apple, has fallen a long way from that ancestral tree.
The balance of the cast is equally well chosen and attractive, even though trapped in unplayable parts. Billy Campbell (TV’s Now and Again and Tales of the City, The Rocketeer) has been a favorite of mine since he first appeared on television on Dynasty in 1984. It’s nice to see him in any film, even this film. Noah Wyle could have found a better way to spend his summer vacation away from the television mega-hit, ER. Since I just don’t like Juliette Lewis (Natural Born Killers, Way of the Gun), any evaluation from me of her performance as the leading lady’s best friend here could be suspect. At least I did not find her embarrassing this time out. Dan Futterman (Urbania–2000) continues to impress and improve in supporting roles.
As a serious drama about the disturbing subject of spousal battery and abuse, Enough isn’t nearly…enough. I found it to be just a different spin on the old Charles Bronson vigilante potboilers (Death Wish 1 through 5) from the Seventies and Eighties. At best, I was never bored and will even confess to joining many in the audience who cheered when, at long last, Ms. Lopez stalks, then beats the shit out of her tormentor!

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