Enchanted April…A Breath of Fresh Air!

| May 16, 2009

Enchanted April is the charming tale of four women vacationing in Italy on holiday. The film’s warm, charming feel is enough to make you feel like you are on holiday. While it could be dubbed a “chick flick”, Enchanted April provides a bit of light entertainment for all audiences. Initially, I was skeptical of the book-turned-film, but I was quickly ensconsed in the idyllic scenery and the character’s lives. I immediately felt compelled to head out to purchase the book, and make it my new beach read.
Directed by Mike Newell, the film captures the audience immediately and never lets you go long after you have seen it. With straightforward plots and simple characters, the film is at once hilarious, as well as realistic. Newell does a wonderful job of using the plot to play up his characters complexities and stories, rather than to bolster media hype.
Similar in tone to films like “Love Me if You Dare” and “Amelile”, Enchanted April is a standout in its genre. It’s a bona fide “feel good” motion picture that doesn’t seek to deceive or underestimate its audience. Those looking for a little enchantment couldn’t ask for a more pleasant film.

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