Dexter, Season 2

| May 23, 2009

Showtime’s popular series Dexter Season 2 has been released on Blu-Ray and all I can say is, thank goodness for that.
Okay, so our favorite “Dark Avenger” Dexter is no hero, nor is he an anti-hero. He’s simply the bad guy we love – openly and unhesitatingly. He’s a serial killer, true. But he’s got a code which keeps his killer’s need in check, thanks to his stepfather Harry, a career cop who adopted Dex when he was still a little boy. Harry trained young Dexter to kill only those who deserved it – other killers, rapists, child abusers, and similar monsters. Harry is dead when the series begins, but Dex shows us he has no problem living by the code. In the first season we learn all about Dexter’s “need” to satisfy the monster within, the world he lives in and his work as a blood spatter forensics expert with the Miami Police Department, his relationship with his stepsister Debra – a detective with the Miami PD, and his dysfunctional relationship with divorcee and mother of two Rita.
I like this series so much that I read the books. I like the books, too, but in an entirely different way. Each variant takes off in its own uniquely different direction. The books are very good and offer a sort of “alternate universe” storyline for the character. Where the Showtime series has a distinct advantage is in time; the one hour series spread over an entire season offers the opportunity for the writers, filmmakers and cast to expand the character’s world and events in ways the books cannot.
In Season One our serial killer/protagonist Dexter (Michael C. Hall) discovers much about his past he never realized when his brother turns up; a brother whom he never even realized he had. The memory of that part of his young life was so horrid that he repressed it. We careen from the suspenseful demise of Season One where Dex murders his even more deranged brother (Christian Carmago), whose personal mission seemed to be to torment Dexter. He even took it to the point of getting engaged to Dexter’s sister Debra (Jennifer Carpenter). Dex had to choose between saving his sister and killing his brother – one person who depends upon him most in this world and one persion who understands him the most.
As Season Two opens, Dexter finds himself in further trouble when some divers happen to find the diced-up remains of his victims where he dumped them off the shore of Miami. With a second serial killer at large in Miami, the brass calls in FBI profiler and serial killer hunter Frank Lundy (Keith Carradine). The older cop is tough and thorough, and reminds Dex of his stepfather Harry. Unfortunately for Debs, she doesn’t realize the similarities until too late and falls in love with Lundy.
To add to Dexter’s already mounting problems, he suddenly finds himself unable to kill, a frustrating situation which drives him to a 12-step program where he meets the thin, sexy, and dangerous Lila (Jaime Murray). She is attracted to good boy/bad boy Dex and causes all sorts of conflicts with Rita (Julie Benz) as well as Debra. Just to spice things up a bit more, Sgt. Doakes (Erik King) seems to be growing ever more suspicious of Dexter’s private life and will not leave him alone.
Season Two ups the stakes in the Dexter series perfectly, inspiring us to root even more for our favorite serial killer. We want him to get away with it just as much as we want him to get the girl. It’s an amazing series in that it inspires us to go against all of our instincts, but we do and we do it willingly and gladly.
On May 5th, CBS Home Entertainment and Paramount Home Entertainment will release the second season of Showtime’s killer series DEXTER on Blu-ray. DEXTER: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON is a three-disc set presented in 1080p High Definition with English 5.1 Dolby TrueHD and Spanish 5.1 Dolby TrueHD sound. The Blu-ray is not rated in the U.S. and rated 14A (Gory Scenes/ Brutal Violence) in Canada. The total running time is 10 Hrs., 36 Min.
The DVD disc breakdown is as follows:
Disc One:
• It’s Alive!
• Waiting To Exhale
• An Inconvenient Lie
• See-Through
Disc Two:
• The Dark Defender
• Dex, Lies, And Videotape
• That Night, A Forest Grew
• Morning Comes
Disc Three:
• Resistance Is Futile
• There’s Something About Harry
• Left Turn Ahead
• The British Invasion
• BD Live Special Features
• “Blood Fountains” Featurette
• Dark Defender Series
• Podcasts
• First two episodes of Showtime series Nurse Jackie
• First two episodes of Showtime series United States Of Tara

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