Devil’s Knight

| April 6, 2004

Devil’s Knight is supposed to be the hottest low-rider in the world, expertly crafted by a guy named Hector Rivera and his younger brother. The car has an astounding series of victories in major low-rider shows and its owners become the envy of the circuit. The result is their vicious murders, which we find out later, has more to do with drugs than cars. We shift gears (pun-intended) and move to their younger sister Delia Rivera played by the beautiful Elizabeth Alvarez (A Man Apart) who learns of their deaths while training with the U.S. Army Direct Action team in the Persian Gulf. She returns home and with the help of her godfather, Zeff played by Martin Kove (The Karate Kid) infiltrates the inner sanctum of the low-rider circuit and seeks revenge on her brother’s killers.
Devil’s Knight is the newest release from MTI Home Video. The film is detailed with awesome cars created by movie car legend George Barris, rounded out by a decent supporting cast including a small role by Garry Marshall (Orange County) and Martin Cove (The Karate Kid) who in my opinion gave the best performance as the cane ridden, piss and vinegar voiced godfather of Delia. Where this film struggles is with the very stereotypical storyline, some poor acting in certain scenes by the leads, especially Alexander Romanov who plays the goofy detective that might be believable as a cop in a soap opera, too many fade to blacks and lack of any unique vision for the film. What you will get though is a good amount of Elizabeth Alvarez in her bikini, but only from the front. For some reason she’s never photographed from the back. Combine her with a decent amount of action and a ghost car driven by her two dead brothers and you have Devil’s Knight.
So here’s what we’ve learned so far…apparently low-riders are also drug dealers, Ugly Bobby never really stood a chance with Delia and should have realized that. I mean…he’s Ugly Bobby. George Barris has made every cool car you can think of in a movie or television show over the past thirty years or so. I’m talking everything, the original Bat mobile, The Dragula, The General Lee, and now the Devil’s Knight.

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