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| May 12, 2016

Chances are I don’t have to sell you on seeing Deadpool (2016), because you probably already saw it. A hell of a lot of people did! And if you didn’t, it’s probably because:

1) You’re between the ages of 13 and 16 and couldn’t get into the theater,
2) You were living in a hole in the ground (as I do, by the way, so that’s not an excuse!), or
3) You just don’t find graphic violence and sex jokes as funny as all those people who contributed to the film’s $762,145,918 box office returns.

Now, if you’re thinking, geez that’s a big number, Jef! You’re damn right it is. That number right there makes Deadpool the #1 highest grossing R-rated movie of all time!

That’s right, Marvel’s “Merc with the Mouth” took box offices by storm, and it makes you wonder: what took them so damn long? And how did they get the character so massively wrong when they tackled him the first time around in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)? Hell, I’m not even a big Deadpool fan, and even I was perturbed by their treatment of the character, what with the removal of his entire freaking mouth when that’s the thing that generally defines him as a character!

If you didn’t already see Deadpool, though, I’m not sure how to explain or sell it to you here. Watch a trailer and you’ll get the vibe of the thing—he’s a super “hero” who can’t die, kills a buttload of people, and makes endless sex jokes/pop culture references. It’s a lot of fun, even if you’re not a huge fan. As someone who’s only moderately amused by Wade Wilson/Deadpool in the comic books and frankly not amused at all by the whole “tacos” and “chimichangas” schtick, I laughed a hell of a lot more throughout Deadpool than I thought I would. In fact, I’m pretty sure there a dozen or more jokes I laughed at when no one else in the theater did. My one major complaint, though, would be that the villain, Ajax, isn’t very memorable at all, falling in line with such other unmemorable villains from recent superhero movies as Zemo in Captain America: Civil War. What’s becoming of all the rad villains we used to have?

But again, you’ve probably already seen it, right? So here’s what I can sell you on: the Blu-ray/DVD/Digital combo pack release of Deadpool from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. This thing is jam-packed with special features. It includes a gag reel filled with a host of alternate takes; a commentary with star Ryan Reynolds (who was positively born to play the role) alongside writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese; all the hilarious, fourth-wall-breaking trailers in one gallery; and a host of other galleries.

The big selling points to my mind, though, are the deleted/extended scenes and the hour and twenty minutes worth of behind-the-scenes material that cover every facet of the character’s journey “From Comics to Screen… to Screen” in terrific detail. The comprehensiveness of the documentary makes it well worth your time to check out if you just can’t get enough and need to know what it looked like on the other side of the camera.

There are also 19 minutes of deleted/extended scenes on the disc. You get more stuff on the freeway with Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead, which are probably my favorite bits to begin with. There is one deleted scene though that really stands out from the rest, and I wish they’d kept it in. Before becoming Deadpool, Wade attempts to cope with his cancer diagnosis—the cause of all his problems—by travelling the world with his girlfriend Vanessa in search of a miracle cure. The scene encapsulating this fool’s errand finds Wade and Vanessa in Mexico waiting to see sort of faith healer who can purportedly extract your illness from you with his bare hands. Realizing the healer’s a fraud and sick of seeing desperate people being taken advantage of, Wade kills the man in what would have been one of the most emotionally powerful scenes in the film. Oh well, at least we have it to watch here!

Again, Deadpool is now available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. So go buy the damn thing already!

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