Dead Women in Lingerie

| September 16, 2005

When actors are new to the business and finding their way in Hollywood, they sometimes choose stupid roles. In 1994 Maura Tierney became well known for her roles in television’s News Radio and later as nurse turned doctor Abby Lockhart in E.R. But before she did that, she was in a few movies. One of them was a never-in-theaters film from 1991 called Dead Women in Lingerie that is now, 14 years later, being released on DVD to take advantage of her name.
The two word review from my wife: This sucks.
Ok… So I cannot be so brief. I have to tell you WHY it sucks. Let’s see… The plot is so bad that it would not even make for a TV movie of the week: A private detective is hired to catch a serial killer who makes immigrant garment workers his victims. The acting, aside from Tierney and a pre-Law & Order Jerry Orbach is miserable. Even a cameo by June Lockhart is not worth renting this one.
I have long said that those people who write and star in their own bad movies should not be allowed to do any more films. Hollywood agreed with me on this one. John Romo, the star and co-writer has not had another job in the business since (according to Internet Movie Data Base) making this dog.
The film is so bad that its chief marketing ploy on MTI video’s press release is that it is Tierney’s first and only nude scene. Let’s get this straight – you see a small part of her breast. If you rent this for seeing Abby Lockhart nude (which is why I agreed to review this pile of crap) you are more desperate than me because at least I didn’t pay for it.

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