Cutting It

| July 2, 2005

WE, Women’s Entertainment Television, has picked up this popular BBC-TV series as part of their regular line-up. While not the raucous comedy of Absolutely Fabulous, Cutting It does offer the type of dramatic series most of America can relate to, making this new addition something most homes beyond the metropolitan market will likely tune in to and, more importantly, enjoy.
This new-to-the-US dramatic series revolves around the lives of two rival hair stylists, Allie and Mia, who quickly learn that business isn’t the only source of their competition. When Allie discovers that her former lover is now Mia’s husband, nothing can prepare her for the soap opera that unfolds. Starring Amanda Holden as Mia, Sarah Parish as Allie, and costarring Jason Merrells and Ben Daniels.
In Episode 1, Allie has hopes of winning the National Hairdressing Championships, and also wants to open a second Henshall Ferraday salon, but Gavin has other ideas… he wants a baby.
Allie finds the perfect place to have the second salon – a building directly across the street from their existing one. Allie talks Gavin into putting in a bid, but they’re beaten by an unknown buyer paying £30,000 (roughly $50,000) above the asking price. Allie and Gavin can’t afford to go any higher and they let the mystery purchaser get the property.
A few days later Mia visits Henshall Ferraday for a hair cut, revealing she’s the new owner of the property across the street, and she’s opening a salon.
Finn Bevan, Mia’s husband, shows up shortly after and lets on that he seems to know Allie from the past, but Allie says she doesn’t remember him. Later, Allie is visited by Finn and we find out that the two used to date years ago. And, more than that, Allie was pregnant with his baby, and she reveals to him that she had an abortion.
Allie soon finds out that it’s no coincidence Finn is back on the scene… he’s purposely bought the salon directly across the road to get close to Allie. He’s trying to get her back.
Episodic television like this has most recently been popular with American audiences in the form of Desperate Housewives. If American audiences will just tune in to Cutting It, then WE will truly have a hit on their hands.

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