Crime of Love (Delitto D’Amore)

| November 22, 2011

Raro Video USA once again continues their fine tradition of releasing exceptional and obscure Italian films of the 60’s and 70’s with their presentation of Luigi Comencini’s Crime of Love (Delitto D’Amore). The central story pertains to two factory workers that fall in love with one another. Nullo (Giuliano Gemma), is from a middle class family from northern Italy and Carmela (Stefania Sandrelli), comes from a poorer region of southern Italy. The two get romantically involved after Nullo follows Carmela home one day after the get out of work. The ill fated lovers go through all kinds of turmoil, from the hazards of their workplace, all the way to dealing with each of their families and their views of one another’s customs. Comencini’s film was up for the Palme D’Or at the 1974 Cannes Film Festival and Raro Video has done an awesome job at presenting this classic film for new audiences.
Comencini does a great job at giving Crime of Love much subtext for environmental and the difference in between the southern and northern Italian mentalities, while retaining everything that makes for a great love story. Whether its a shot the damages of what the factory is doing to the land to scenes that takes place in the slums of the south, Comencini does a wonderful job at showing us the dire world and circumstances that our main characters live in. Both Stefania Sandrelli and Giuliano Gemma do a fantastic job at portraying the naïve and young lovers, which is to show how much care that Comencini has crafted into Crime of Love.
Raro Video USA presents Crime of Love in a brand new HD transfer and an aspect ratio of 1.78:1 that is just breathtaking. While the films palette is full of many bland and flat colors, due to the factory scenes, when there is a dash of color, it just shines on this new transfer. There’s a good amount of grain and adds a great layer of texture within the films images. I’m pretty sure that this is the best that Crime of Love has ever looked on a home release and Raro Video USA continues their excellence in bringing a superior level of quality to their catalog of lost films.

Crime of Love
comes with a 19 page booklet, containing interviews and essays pertaining to the film and on the disc there’s a great interview with film historian Adriano Apra, that discusses Crime of Love within Comencini’s preexisting body of work, as well as the films place within the history of Italian cinema. If you’re a big movie buff, love Italian cinema or person that loves a great love story, Crime of Love is quite the treat and Raro Video USA’s presentation of it does it justice. Recommended.

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