| September 22, 2006

Confetti magazine, a British publication devoted solely to everything wedding, holds a contest in which three engaged couples compete to see who can throw the most outrageous nuptials, all in the effort to win a brand-new home. The three selected themes? Musical, tennis and naturalist (aka nudist).
That is the basic premise of this new mockumentary, and without a doubt, it sets up the movie for laughs. Unfortunately, though, that might be the reason I had a problem with the film in the first place. The basis of the movie is so absurd that it comes off as a bit contrived. Of course, humor can be found in a couple that wants to wed in the nude, but what publication would actually pick them to be a part of their contest in the first place? (FYI – You will indeed see the naturalists in their, ahem, natural state for most of the movie, so I would keep the kiddies at home for this flick.) Although funny, the film begins with such a transparent gimmick that it takes away from a more authentic kind of humor.
To its credit, though, Confetti is overflowing with comedic talent. Supposedly, the actors improved all the dialogue, and that was the smartest choice screenwriter/director Debbie Isitt could have made for her work. The entire cast is tremendous in how they play off one another to achieve an effortless comedic rhythm. I only wish that Isitt would have perhaps trusted her actors more. With their evident capacity for humor, the film could have been just as good, if not better, had Isitt stuck to a more realistic premise and then sat back to let her actors do their thing.
As is, the film is funny, but forgettable as soon as the credits begin to roll. Watching it, you’re guaranteed a few laughs, but it can’t even begin to touch the all-time greats (well, my all-time greats) like This is Spinal Tap or Waiting for Guffman. If you’re anything like me – love to laugh, but don’t want to waste time on just average comedies – then skip this flick and rent one of the classics I just mentioned. I promise you they have a higher success rate than most marriages.

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