Confessions of a Shopaholic

| June 19, 2009

An addict will get their jollies one way or the other. Nothing else matters but the sense of reassurance attached to the action so willingly done. Future addicts of the world – let us smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, gamble, eat junk food, and have a late night rendezvous with the boss’s nineteen-year-old blond secretary. Sadly, we live in a world where playing video games and drinking a cup of coffee means that you are an addict. Why not reach to a new height. Time is too precious to dedicate it to internet porn. When was the last time you bought something just for the mere pleasure of hearing those cash registers open and close? Congratulations, you are a shopaholic.
Isla Fisher, the redheaded bombshell from the hit film Wedding Crashers (2005) is Rebecca Bloomwood, a journalist with an eye for fashion and a deadly instinct for spending. She is a shopaholic and a proud one at that. Can she avoid the creditors long enough to get the dream gig of her career? Will she keep her obsession a secret until the man she loves, loves her back?
Confessions of a Shopaholic is a chick flick adapted from a series of books written by Sophie Kinsella, an author of chick literature. There is no room for a chick lit classic in your library, well, don’t be discouraged there is a DVD. Not much of a reader. It doesn’t matter. Don’t have a DVD player? No problem there is a digital copy included in the video package.
Isla Fisher is a goddess. Watching this film from beginning to end is a true testament on how much we love red heads. Guys, let’s face it – romantic comedies drag on and on – but that’s the good thing about fast forward. Romantic buffs and shopaholics, are you looking to spend a few extra bucks for the heck of it? Then add this film to your collection. It’s funny, it has heart and it’s has a sappy love story.
Man tip number one: Guys – steal the remote control from your girlfriend and make sure the pause and slow-mo buttons work – Isla Fisher – is well worth it.
Man tip number two: See man tip number one.
New 2 Disc-DVD with Digital Copy
• Bloopers
• Deleted Scenes
• “Stuck with Each Other” Music Video by Shontelle Featuring Akon
Street Date: June 23, 2009

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