Chicago Overcoat

| April 11, 2011

Frank Vincent, whose face has become familiar to Martin Scorsese fans with appearances in three of the celebrated auteur’s efforts (Raging Bull, Goodfellas, Casino) and on “The Sopranos” essays the lead role of a middle-aged mobster in this Chicago-set tale Chicago Overcoat. Old habits die hard for this crime operative not quite ready to quit his day job, even though it’s been awhile since he’s been called upon to retire anyone. Brian Caunter, the film’s director/ co-writer is obviously an admirer of Scorsese as it clearly has echoes of Scorsese’s Goodfellas, makes his debut in this film which premiered at the 45th Annual Chicago Film Festival in 2009.
Not merely content to simply grandparent and enjoy his twilight years in Florida, Lou Marazano (Vincent) gets wind of a plan to eliminate some folks from the guys at the top (Armand Assante essentially offering a cameo briefer than Marlon Brando in Superman or Apocalypse Now). At the same time, a Windy City police detail are looking to put the kibosh on some criminal types. Marazano decides that getting back in business this one last time might be just the thing to fatten his pension.
In addition to Goodfellas, Caunter’s tale recalls Scorsese’s recent Boston crime tale The Departed, still while some might think that this Windy City Scorsese might be something of a copycat than the work of a true Scorsese aficionado as Caunter appears to be, might not sound like the most flattering of sobriquet for some people to hear. With reliable supporting turns by Stacy Keach as one of the cops and Mike Starr (who also appeared in Goodfellas), Caunter’s effort is worth a look–especially for those who are still suffering from “The Sopranos” withdrawl.

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