Chesty Morgan’s Bosom Buddies

| July 3, 2012

Chesty Morgan’s Bosom Buddies, the fourth Blu-ray release from exploitation distributor Something Weird Video, collects three features from director Doris Wishman, including her two collaborations with the overly well-endowed burlesque star Chesty Morgan. The collection includes the Chesty Morgan vehicles Deadly Weapons (1974) and Double Agent 73 (1974), as well as The Immoral Three (1975), a pseudo-sequel to Double Agent 73 which Something Weird had previously only made available on their line of DVD-R releases. I call The Immoral Three a pseudo-sequel as the titular three are the daughters of Agent 73, who had been played by Chesty Morgan in the previous film, but not here. The HD transfers of these three unsettlingly, yet hilariously bad sexploitation pictures represent a marked improvement over the worn, color-faded picture quality of the previous Deadly Weapons/Double Agent 73 DVD release. If you’re a glutton for cinematic punishment, this is one release you definitely won’t want to miss.

Without seeing them for yourself, you can’t believe the extraordinary ineptness that characterizes every facet of these pictures’ execution, not to mention the disturbingly unsexy gratuitous nudity that saturates the imagery throughout. If these films are any indication, Wishman, who was already in her early 60s when she made these pictures, had little comprehension of what constituted sexy. In fact, each subsequent picture in this collection leaves you feeling exceedingly dirtier than the last, as even the most naturally attractive of women in therein inevitably sleeps with a sweaty, hairy, middle-aged dude under some stomach-turning pretense or other. Moreover, Chesty Morgan’s grotesque, 73-inch breasts are only out-matched in unattractiveness by her consistently ludicrous wardrobe. Wood paneling, red shag carpet, and gaudy Oriental décor dominate the locations, and the piss-poor cinematography finds the field of focus more often highlighting these tacky background elements rather than the actors themselves.

The surprisingly stellar HD transfer of the films here only adds to the absurdity of the overall experience.  The rich colors and sharp contrast consistently emphasize the overall sleaziness of the pictures, and if you think you know the films, having seen them on previous DVD releases perhaps, believe me when I tell you that you don’t. You can’t even imagine the amount of horrid little details the added clarity of the Blu-ray release drums up. These HD transfers also eliminate much of the damage and debris exhibited in the previous releases (except where the films utilize stock footage and optical printing, which is to be expected).

So I realize I’ve written a sizable piece here without once mentioning what any of these films are about. Perhaps it’s because part of me is ashamed to admit that I gleefully sat through all of these pictures, two of them twice now, but really, the briefest of plot synopses are enough to draw in anyone with an affinity for vintage exploitation. Deadly Weapons follows Chesty Morgan as an “advertising executive” enacting revenge on her boyfriend’s killers… with her breasts. Double Agent 73 casts Morgan as a spy whose secret weapon is a camera… hidden in her breast. And The Immoral Three finds three non-Chesty Morgans trying to avenge their spy mother’s death… mostly with their breasts.

Special features on Chesty Morgan’s Bosom Buddies include a rather extensive collection of Doris Wishman trailers. In addition, this Blu-ray collection features the Gallery of Doris Wishman Exploitation Art included on the previous Deadly Weapons/Double Agent 73 double feature, although it notably lacks the two breast-related archival shorts featured on that release.

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