Chasing Happiness

| April 21, 2012

Three sisters, a Madame, Guru and Poker Junky, desperately trying not to fall victim to their own cons, are joined by Raphael who is hell bent that the whole world revolves around his phallus, in a hilarious search for true contentment. A fun filled spoof on happiness, the Movie will shock and awe.

Jen, Karina, Andrea and Raphael live together in an upscale neighborhood in Los Angeles. They seem to be working in Health and Therapy related fields, but in actuality they are pandering to the base needs of a depraved clientele: sex, gambling and “fad fitness” programs and procedures are all on the menu of services for sale. Scamming their way through life has left these young people unfulfilled and somewhat philosophical. “Chasing Happiness” is the humorous and touching story of these four lost souls on the day of New Year’s Eve, during which they each must undergo a change, and make certain resolutions and decisions that will define the direction of their future lives.

A contemporary and humorously intimate look at life and love, Chasing Happiness follows the decidedly deceptive lives of four young people trying desperately to make a living in Southern California.

Award-winning producer/director/writer Ben Tad Atoori weaves a compelling tale that includes a madam, a guru, a poker junkie and a guy with a one-track mind who share their Southern California home where they provide “services” to a coterie of diverse clients. When the rent comes due, and income is short, desperation causes them to go to extremes which will either result in complete calamity or success.

The film stars Elisa Donovan, Claude Duhamel, Kashmera Shah, and Cerina Vincent.

Chasing Happiness is available on DVD beginning April 24, 2012.

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