Challenge of the GoBots: The Original Miniseries

| June 27, 2011

They have returned! The lethal, alien robots with the ability to alter themselves into motorized vehicles are back. Not since the mid-1980’s has there been such a level of fear and excitement. That is correct. I am, of course, referring to the re-emergence of…the GoBots! Sure, the public-at-large is all too familiar with Transformers, now that three subpar films from the sinister director/producer/antichrist Michael Bay have received the big budget treatment. But for one glorious year in 1984, GoBot fever swept the nation. And thanks to Hanna-Barbera and Warner Archive, it may just happen again.
Challenge Of The GoBots was an animated series that made its debut on October 29, 1984. The series was based on a toy line from Tonka, which imported the concept from a popular line of Japanese toys called Machine Robo. The shows began as a five-part mini-series. The plot revolves around two warring factions on planet GoBotron. The Guardians, led by Leader-1 (an F-15 Eagle), are intent on keeping their planet in a peaceful state. The Renegades, led by Cy-Kill (a motorcycle), want nothing but domination and chaos. Unfortunately, the Guardians are too powerful for the Renegades. Cy-Kill decides his best plan of action is to transport himself and his two best soldiers, Cop-Tur (a helicopter) and Crasher (a Porsche), to Earth to begin the domination of the humans. Cy-Kill believes once he has brainwashed the humans into doing his bidding, he will be able to rule both Earth and GoBotron. The Guardians follow Cy-Kill and his minions to Earth, attempting to stave off a possible overthrow of both worlds.
The plot is silly, but one would expect nothing less of a 1980’s cartoon. Plus, the GoBots are fun to watch, even in adulthood, especially for the nostalgia factor. Also, Rene Auberjonois (Father John Mulcahy from director Robert Altman’s 1970 masterpiece M*A*S*H*) lends his vocal talents to the series. And thanks to Warner Archive, the picture has been remastered and is bright and beautiful. The DVD itself is bare bones, containing only the mini-series, but once one has viewed the entire mini-series, extra material is irrelevant. Transformers may be more popular, but I have proudly never been one of the popular people.
GoBots 4 Life!

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