Cars 2

| December 4, 2011

Don’t for a minute try to compare Cars 2 to its predecessor. After the loss of two key men who lent their voices to characters in the first movie (George Carlin and Paul Newman), the guys down at Pixar still felt the need to make a sequel to the first film. The result is kind of a mess.
While Cars 2 is sleeker, shinier, and more action packed than Cars, it’s too over the top. It’s an international spy movie rather than a heartfelt small town story, and the magnitude of the various situations involved gets a little boring – and confusing.
Lightning McQueen is now a four-time Piston Cup winner, and one of the best racers in the world. He takes some time off to visit Radiator Springs, but when his best friend Mater overhears international race star Francesco Bernoulli bad-talking McQueen, McQueen agrees to participate in a race against Bernoulli to prove who’s the better man.
But that’s not all. The race also functions as a promotion for a new form of oil, Allinol, which is supposedly organic and safe. Secret agents Finn McMissle and Holley Shiftwell are on a secret mission to learn more about Allinol, and the mysterious sabatoges that keep occurring at the various races around the world. When a mix-up occurs, Mater becomes involved in the mission, and ultimately changes the direction of the race, his friendship, and his life.
The film probably would have been better if it wasn’t meant to be a sequel. It could almost stand alone as a totally different film because it was so different. Cars 2 is also very violent, as the evil spies threaten to kill the good ones, and come pretty close to doing so more than once. It appears the film is meant to cater to an older crowd, as young children would either be too scared or bored to get through it.
The complex twists and turns, genuine spy lingo, and multiple threading make Cars 2 a bit difficult for even the most intelligent film buffs to sort through. Maybe Pixar felt the need to express the fact that in the world of cars, there’s a world outside of racing. Who knows?
It was refreshing to catch up with some of the old characters, but this mildly funny film doesn’t do much else to please fans of the original film. The depictions of international cities like Italy, Paris, and Tokyo are beautiful, and an all-star celebrity cast that includes Eddie Izzard and Michael Caine brings some fun to the table, but that’s about all Cars 2 has going for it.

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