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Burt’s Buzz

| June 23, 2014
“I’m less interested in what is in the inside of what I own than what it sits on.” – Burt
Burt, of the Burt’s Bees company, has so many prime quotes that I could pull from this wonderfully crafted documentary that I could probably fill the word quota with just those, but instead I’ll leave it to you to experience them first hand; because you must do so. “Burt’s Buzz” gives us a particularly close insight into Burt’s life and history. A man who never denies himself his natural and personal desires: His Dog, his land, and his simplicity. He lives on 37 acres of land in one of his two small houses. He prefers to live with no electricity or running running water. This is a man who understands all of the upsides and downsides of technology but chooses not to indulge. As the image behind the company that he helped create, he finds himself all around the world as a makeshift celebrity.
This documentary was so very refreshing to me because I felt that it wasn’t trying to take a particular political stance against a larger than life entity. (i.e. corporations) Instead it merely wants us to learn from and get to know Burt himself. We go through a few weeks in the life of Burt by following him around and by very well structured interviews. These interviews are where Burt really shines. He’s used to being in the limelight and, as much as he seems to feign disdain for it, seems to really thrive on the attention.
During the film we get a great look at who Burt was all the way up to who he is now; an emotionally guarded man with simple tastes and expectations of life. He has been hurt and has never quite recovered from it. The only thing he seems to truly trust and care for now is his dog, because his dog will never betray him.
I say find a way to see this movie. It’s immediately something that doesn’t ask too much of the viewer, but at the same time is very inspirational. Not in the sense of making the viewer feel as though they need to get up and change the world, but almost the opposite. We are all living life and Burt is living walking proof that, really, is all we need to do.

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Mathew Tyler Jordan is an independent filmmaker, writer, and musician originally from a small village in Northern Ohio. Mathew made his way to Chicago, only after stopping in Southern Illinois to gain some experience and a little country inspiration, but he left with that and a little more. He is a graduate of Columbia College Chicago and is the founder of GamTimeTV in Cleveland.
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