Blu-ray Disc – The Family Guy: Something, Something, Something, Dark Side

| January 5, 2010

The family construct has changed, but one thing is certain and has remained constant. Families who laugh, cry and fight together through cold and stormy weather, hunger and loss somehow always manage to stick it out. Yes, they set a high standard. Back then divorce was a bizarre alternative, counseling meant drinking tea and a marital woe did not require buying a paternity test. We owe a lot to those families like the Jetsons, the Flinstones, the Simpsons and now the Griffins. If not for them, the average American family would not exist.
The Family Guy is an animated sitcom created by Seth McFarlane. The show follows a bizarre family named the Griffins living in suburban America. The group consists of parents, Peter, a blue collar working slob and Lois, a stay at home socialite. They have three children, Meg, a teenage girl who only seeks to be accepted, Chris, an overweight screwball and baby Stewie, a highly intelligent and diabolical infant with a napoleon complex. Living with their taking dog Brian, who is anything but a talking dog, the Griffins get into all kinds of trouble, while poking fun at American pop culture and society.
Something, Something, Something, Dark Side is a parody of the iconic film Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. It stars, you guessed it, the cast of the Family Guy. Peter or Han Solo, as he is better known, searches for Chris (Luke Skywalker) who is lost on a snowy planet after being captured by a giant cookie monster. Lois, I mean, Princess Leia is disappointed that Han is leaving the Rebellion. Stewie or Darth Vader is too busy ruling space and Brian is, well, Chewbacca. No need to say more. By this point in time and space you have probably seen the Empire Strikes Back many times. It is an infamous example of pop culture cinema.
Seth McFarlane’s rendition of one of the most seen films in history is, well, funny. Something, Something, Something, Dark Side has a dry wit to it that it will make you laugh. And you have to have a funny bone to get McFarlane’s humor. It is a chance not just to chuckle at the characters on screen, but also at your self. And that is what the Family Guy is all about, finding the humor in just about everything and there is nothing more comical than the average adult American watching cartoons.
Disc 1
Audio Commentary by executive producers Seth McFarlane, Mark Hentemann and David A. Goodman, Writer Kirker Butler, Director Domonic Polcino and Actor Seth Green
Family Guy Fact-Ups
The Dark Side of Poster Art Featurette
Sneak peek of Family Guy – Episode VI: We Have a Bad Feeling about This Table Read…and more!
Disc 2:
Digital Copy of Something, Something, Something, Dark Side for Portable Media Players.

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