Better than Chocolate

| January 5, 2000

Just when you think you don’t like the Canadians, here’s something they can be proud of. This isn’t your average lesbian movie staged in the heart of San Francisco. This introduction into two young women’s lives exists in that big land above us. The opening scene invites the viewer to take a look at the nightlife in the Toronto. A bar for women portrayed very similarly to what the local men’s bars would be like. All types of women, surrounding the tables, fit in like sardines. A “drag” show, for lack of a better word; women dancing, role playing, singing. A classic recipe for a gay bar.
At the end of the night, the viewer gets a mild glimpse into some gay bashing as Maggie (Karyn Dwyer) leaves the bar, weirdly enough, through a dark alley. No sooner does the harassing begin when Kim (Christina Cox) comes trapsing through the alley with her beat up van/home, discouraging the group of misfits of any sort of violence.
Just hours before her mother, Lilia (Wendy Crewson), and brother, Paul (Kevin Mundy) come to move in with Maggie, she wakes up in her temporary home away from home, “10 Percent Books,” where there she not only resides but is also employed. This is an alternative book store that is facing issues of censorship.
When the four eventually wind up living in a loft that Maggie sublets, she is faced with trying to keep her affair a secret, but her love for Kim overwhelms her and soon opens not only Maggie’s eyes but everyone else’s around her,as well.
Better Than Chocolate won the Millivres Multimedia Audience Award for Most Popular Film at the 1999 London Gay & Lesbian Film Festival and was winner of the Best Feature Film Audience Award at Inside Out, the 1999 Toronto Lesbian & Gay film Festival.

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