Bart Got A Room

| August 10, 2009

Like most Chuck Lorre television episodes, the title of Bart Got A Room has only the slightest bit to do with the movie. It IS the story of how Danny Stein spent $600 on the hotel room, the limo, and the tux for his prom, only to screw up the most important part: making sure he locked in the date.
He could have gone for the sure thing – Camile (Alia Shawkat from Arrested development) his friend for 8 years. But he REALLY wants to go with hot blonde sophomore Alice (Ashley Benson) or, when she turns him down, his best friend’s suggestion Marcie (when she gets out of her car… HOLY SMOKES!), but he blows that cause he has no ‘nads.
So what’s a desperate senior with raging hormones supposed to do? That is the fun of Bart Got A Room. It’s also a good litmus test for how popular you feel you were in high school. At various points in the movie, you can mentally hit the button and tell HOWIE MANDEL “OK, That is the deal I will take” and make sure you have a date for the Prom. I am pretty sure I would have been going with Marcie. Just sayin’.
Getting in the way of his good time is his father (William H. Macy – YES WILLIAM H. MACY) and mother (Cheryl Hines from Waitress), his best friend, Camile’s parents and sister (who, he should have put on his list – HOLY SMOKES, part 2).
The meaning of the title? You knew Bart. He was the loser. Total and complete. When Danny is trying to get the money for a room after the prom, and when it is being discussed if he should have a hotel room for après party partying , it is always brought up that even BART GOT A ROOM. So if HE can get a girl to say yes….. Anyway, director Brian Hecker (Family Attraction) got the perfect actor for the part. Chad Jamian Williams has been in a few movies and his list of character names reads like he is the Bart of acting: Coffee Shop Guy, Office Pal, Teenage Boy, Rollerblader, Idiot Worker and UNCREDITED.
This film got a very small release into the theaters. And it’s a bit of a shame. As a video rental, I would highly suggest it. You will laugh. You will remember high school. And you will see some great acting talent.

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