Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theatres

| April 15, 2007

If you are a fan of Adult Swim’s most gloriously absurd and subversive show, than you understand what that little ditty is all about. If you’re not, then you aren’t even reading this review. To the fans reading this, you can rest easy. The Aqua Teens have made the jump to the big screen with their soul and twisted sense of humor intact.
Since there’s no point in attempting to convince non-Aqua Teen fans to check out what is basically a ninety-minute episode of the series, here are ten reasons for the fans of the series to plunk down the hard-earned money that they bum off their parents.

  1. The hysterical heavy metal opening that spoofs those annoying cartoons urging patrons to visit the concession stand.
  2. The cool remix of the Aqua Teen theme song.
  3. The very politically incorrect civil war video game with slaves in a digital cotton field.
  4. Ample screen time for fan favorites like Ignignokt & Err, Oglethorpe & Emory, Dr. Weird & Steve, MC Pee Pants, the Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past, and Carl. Speaking of Carl…
  5. The grotesque spectacle that is Carl with the buff physique of a bodybuilder. You will never feel compelled to visit the gym again.
  6. Cool voice cameos by Bruce Campbell, Tina Fey and Neil Peart. Yes, that Neil Peart.
  7. Neil Peart’s drum solo of life. You’ll find yourself with a newfound respect for Rush and making the mental note to download 2112 as soon as you get home.
  8. The surprising fact that the extended running time doesn’t leave the film wearing out its welcome. The jokes come fast and furious in nearly every form imaginable, with an unusually high hit to miss ratio. Despite the chaotic energy that this approach whips up, it never becomes exhausting.
  9. The equally surprising fact that the film never abuses the freedom it is given with its R-rating. Credit has to be given to writer-directors, Matt Maiellaro and Dave Willis for realizing that it’s still funnier to have Carl exclaim, “Where are my freakin’ pants?” than to just relentlessly drop the F-bomb. While the film never shies away from being profane or over-the-top violent when it needs to be, it never feels gratuitous in the way South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut or Reno 911: Miami did.
  10. The subplot that mercilessly mocks superhero origin stories. The pomposity and self-importance of the recent run of comic book films is deflated with gleeful abandon as several possible explanations for the creation of the Aqua Teens are presented. They become predictably more ridiculous as the film goes on.

What more can be said? It’s almost shocking that something this fresh and unhinged was able to sneak past the corporate minders at Time Warner. A big thank you is owed to the folks at Adult Swim for pulling that off. Now, how about a Venture Brothers movie?

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