April’s Shower

| May 10, 2005

A lot of my friends have been getting married in the last few years, so I know first-hand how annoying those bridal showers can be. You sit around, smile politely and try to make small talk with senile Aunt Betsy. You look over at the bride’s pile of gifts and bitterly remind yourself that you really are happy for her. You agonize over when the food is going to be served and more importantly how long you must stay before getting the hell out of there. At the end of the day, though, you only resent the fact that you had to dish out fifty bucks for a crock-pot that will probably never be used. Yet I concede that nothing compares to how it must feel to attend the bridal shower of a former lover. That must really suck.
Taking place over the course of one afternoon in Los Angeles, April’s Shower follows the story of Alex (Trish Doolan) who as maid of honor must throw the mandatory bridal shower for her friend and former lover, April (Maria Cina). Did I mention that no one at the shower, including April’s own mother, future mother-in-law and future sister- in-law know about this past relationship? Oh yeah… you just know that something interesting is bound to happen at this party.
While the gender twist initially gets you into April’s Shower, it’s the cast of characters that make this movie great. Sure, everyone’s a little over-the-top and a tad stereotypical, but that’s what makes it so much fun. When you think about it, Alex has little to complain about when you stack up her problems with those of her friends. One woman thinks that the way to getting pregnant is to wear maternity clothes and drink lots and lots of alcohol. Don’t ask- it doesn’t make any sense to me, either. Another guest must make a dash from her car to Alex’s house because she’s being stalked by a one-night stand that followed her from Scotland. Those are but only two stories from the many screwed-up women at this party.
Of course (without giving too much away) the movie has an ending that anyone with an IQ of twenty and above can predict. It’s okay, though. Doolan- who also wrote and directed the movie- does such a great job of creating fantastically absurd yet lovable characters that you are indeed a little disappointed when the movie finally comes to an end. So that said, if you get the chance to catch April’s Shower, you will definitely agree that it was worth the hour and a half of your life. And let’s just put it out there- it’s more worth it than the entire afternoon that you could waste at a real shower. Come on, I’m just being honest. You know it’s true.

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