Amelia’s 25th

| August 7, 2013

Director Martín Yernazian leads an all-star cast that includes Oscar nominee Jennifer Tilly (Bullets Over Broadway, Bound, Bride of Chucky), Danny Trejo (Machete, Desperado, Sons of Anarchy), Robert Rodriguez ( celebrated director of Machete, Sin City, From Dusk Till Dawn, Machete Kills) and Electra Avellan (Planet Terror, Machete Kills) as Amelia.

Spanning the course of one day, this heartwarming dark comedy illustrates what turning twenty five means to a struggling actress in Los Angeles. With a disconnected father, her live-in boyfriend struggling financially, and surviving in a complex of noisy neighbors who call themselves artists, her life could not seem bleaker.

Amelia finds guidance and wisdom in the most curious places: a movie star, a photographer, casting directors, unemployed actors, plus-size sex shop owners, psychics, and a cross-dressing neighbor, all who lead her down the winding road of acceptance.

Amelia spends the entire day lamenting her 25th birthday in Los Angeles, because she has been told that you are dead if you are 25 and in L.A. looking for a bit part in a movie. And although her father is a famous producer, she doesn’t use her connections to find a job as an actress. She starts off her day looking in the mirror, poking at zits that are there and those that are probably imagined. She talks to her best friend down the hall, while trying to elude the building manager, who is, once again, asking her for the rent—that is way past due.

One of my favorite parts is when she visits the psychic who turns out to be Jennifer Tilly. She is just hilarious in her role, after she gets settled and asks Amelia for all manners of things to get her started on her reading—reefer being one of them. She normally charges $100, but will take $25, since that is all Amelia has. There goes that number again—25.

Trejo is good in his role as a bad guy who is married to a total twit who is also lamenting the fact that she is much older than 25 and only getting offers for commercials, as the photographer who is much younger than she barks orders at her.

Amelia’s manager has told her to say that she has only turned 21, but this seems weird to her. I believe that she spends the movie looking for more or, at least, looking for validation about what she had decided to make her life’s work. Some of the rest of the 78-minute film is spent with Amelia wondering why her boyfriend won’t answer her calls. She ends up finally receiving words of wisdom from a man who is content on being an exterminator—because he likes killing things. He has good advice for Amelia, and an even better gift that he leaves for her in a brown paper bag. The ending might not be what Amelia expects, as she realizes that someone who is content with doing menial work in Los Angeles could really have something worthwhile to share with her.

Amelia’s 25th was a good enough movie; it was a bit funny, but I would have liked a bit more action or more meat to the script—as it were—to hold my attention better. Supporting cast includes comedienne Margaret Cho, Ashley Parker Angel, Jon Abrahams (Meet the Parents), producers Mark Whittington and Karin Kelts (Lost Everything), and Michael Biehn (Terminator, Aliens).

Amelia’s 25th is now available from Breaking Glass Pictures and KMK Productions on DVD and VOD.

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