Agatha Christie’s POIROT: Series 3

| March 6, 2012

That’s right! Hercule Poirot is back for more!
Poirot Series 3 is high quality stuff! The same satisfying elements of the first 2 series, the costumes, the locations… they’re all here and on blu-ray this show looks rockin’. The only thing that still looks silly is the opening title sequence, which uses a weird, art-deco animation technique that doesn’t quite work. Mercifully, in this new dvd set, you can now skip the opening credits without missing the first part of the episode, so if you are really bored of that theme song (it does get a little repetitive, I’m not gonna lie) you can move on into the story. NOTE TO PEOPLE WHO PUT TV ON DVD: WHY IS THIS NOT AN OPTION FOR EVERY TV SHOW EVER? THE ONLY TV SHOW THEME SONG I NEVER GOT SICK OF WAS ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT. OTHERWISE, PLEASE, SPARE US, THE AUDIENCE WHO IS GOING TO WATCH A WHOLE SEASON IN A DAY. PLEASE.
The episodes have the same formula: Poirot, bored without a case, stumbles upon someone in a social situation/at his office/ through a friend, and they offer him his newest adventure. He meets everyone involved, they in turn are either friendly or hostile to him and he makes his deductions while the audience is thrown a lot of red herrings, mostly in the form of Captain Hastings, a sweet guy but a complete idiot in the investigative sense, and then in the final reel, he reveals the culprit; something he has known for a long time.
David Suchet continues his impeccable, perfect Poirot. His acting is beyond reproach. With all the quirks intact, including a delightful Belgian accent, he uses expert comedic timing, in addition to his believable and genuine acting. Captain Hastings (Hugh Fraser) and Miss Lemon (the darling Pauline Moran) are at his side, as expected, and they make a great team, their chemistry as consistent and easy to watch three seasons later as it was from the first episode.
The first episode of series 3 is a longer one, and it’s a story most have probably read, The Mysterious Affair at Styles. It’s one of the most popular Poirot stories, and it is done its full justice in this extended telling.
There are 9 episodes in all, and after the last one, I’m sure you’ll find yourself hoping for more. Let’s hope series 4 doesn’t take too long to be released! I’m dying to know what happens!
But all the teleplays are again of the same high-quality, and seamless in their transition from page to screen. We must give credit to the BBC, they know how to stick to a winning formula.

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