| September 3, 2010

After.Life is an example of a movie that has a promising storyline but weak screenplay. Christina Ricci plays Anna, a young woman who is involved in a very serious car accident. After coming to, she realizes that she is not in a hospital, but in a funeral home. Looking up at funeral director Eliot Deacon(played by Liam Neeson), she realizes that her body is being prepared for her own funeral.
Still being able to talk but not move, Anna asks Mr. Deacon if she is alive or dead. He informs her that she is quite dead and that he is able to communicate with those who have recently passed but have not accepted their fate. Anna’s boyfriend(Justin Long), is shaken by the tragic news at first but then starts to suspect the funeral director of having a different agenda.
That basically sets up the story. I don’t want to say too much more because there isn’t too much more to figure out. The acting is very bland and most upcoming plot lines are predictable. I’ve never understood the appeal of Justin Long and Liam Neeson would of been a better fit for his role had his part been written with some feel. Christina Ricci is average at best and literally has about a dozen nude scenes. Other than fans of seeing her naked every ten minutes, the movie is not worth the time. I was hoping for more but oh well, they can’t all be winners.
Rated R
103 minutes
Blu-ray & DVD Special Features:
*Audio Commentary with Co-Witer/Director Agnieszka Wojitowicz-Vosloo
*Delving Into The After.Life: The Art Of Making A Thriller
*Theatrical Trailer

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