Adopted (2009)

| June 13, 2010

Something everyone should know before watching this mockumentary/comedy starring Pauly Shore is that it may be offensive to Africans and the entire adoption process. Prior to the credits at the end of the film and following the credits, Pauly Shore makes it aware that although he pokes fun of the situation, it is a serious issue.
That being said, Adopted follows Shore thoughout Africa on a quest to find the perfect African child to adopt. Starting off walking through the streets, randomly asking parents if he can have their child, Shore finds nothing but abhorred citizens. Finally, he moves on to an orphanage found through a friend he made in his travels.
Pauly Shore tries out three African orphans, one at a time, taking them out for a day of fun to get to know each other. Each time, something goes horribly wrong.
Adopted will be available on DVD Tuesday, June 15.

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