A Wife Alone

| June 22, 2014

A Wife Alone is a dark psychological thriller about an ill-fated marriage in the suburbs of upstate New York. The plot centers around Jane, an attractive young bride who marries a naive investment banker named Park, desperate to marry before his 30th birthday. The young, ostensibly happy couple buys a quaint house in a nice neighborhood and settles into the suburban dream before a visit to Park’s godparents, Steve and Holly, sends their idyllic existence into a desperate tailspin.

Park’s godfather and mentor, Steve, is a cruel and domineering man with a penchant for illegitimate business deals and expensive prostitutes. He lords over his wife, colleagues, and anyone in his path with a single-minded goal of satisfying his deep-seeded, ego-maniacal urges. Steve immediately recognizes Jane as a woman he once “met in a hotel” and his own inner conflict swirls. As the fateful night unfolds, it is revealed that Jane’s presence in the house was not some bizarre, unfortunate coincidence but rather a carefully orchestrated plot of revenge and corruption that builds to a ruthless climax.

A Wife Alone is a good thriller with so many layers, which are revealed through flashbacks that show the chain of events that lead up to the big reveal at the end.

Jane is weird enough and she just lucks up—well not really—and meets Park, seducing him into a rushed marriage. Jane is really in cahoots with her lesbian lover, Barbs played by Alesandra Assante. While the two of them work as prostitutes they decide to not give up much but to instead rob their johns. This fleeting meeting between Steve and Jane, and a meeting between Barbs and Park, serve as the impetus for the marriage, deceit and eventual ending.

Holly plays the subservient wife who pretends to not have a clue that her husband is a total brute, although she acknowledges that he does has a bad temper. Park bites off more than he can chew, and it comes back to bite him in the butt.

A Wife Alone is a great movie, running slightly more than an hour, is written and directed by Justin Reichman and co-written by Pete Freidman. A Wife Alone stars Genevieve Hudson (Freedomland), Ashley Springer (The Wolf of Wall Street), Sean Patrick Reilly (Sleepers), Catherine Curtin (Orange Is The New Black), Alesandra Assante (House of Dust), and Mark Blum (Desperately Seeking Susan). The film is available now on VOD. For more information, visit www.awifealonemovie.com.

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