A Christmas Proposal

| November 22, 2009

There’s just something about small towns and Christmas that just naturally go together. There’s just a natural charm that it leads to. The odd thing about the way A Christmas Proposal starts, is that it’s as if it’s intending to turn the whole thing around, as if being a small town at Christmas wasn’t a good thing, mostly because we’re just used to seeing Tom Arnold as the good guy, but that isn’t the case here.
Arnold plays Malone, a real estate mogul of sorts. He buys up land to put up newer developments. He needs the land in the small town of Filmore to create his newest development, a year-round vacation mecca. The economy of Filmore isn’t doing do so well, and he thinks he can use that to get an in with the residents to vote for him to turn their town around. The problem is that to get the financing, he needs it all wrapped up by end of the holiday season. He doesn’t do the dirty work himself, though. He sends his daughter, Reagan (Sarah Thompson), and her boyfriend, Rick (David O’Donnell, who looks like he could find work as Patrick Dempsey’s stand-in), to Filmore to make the deal.
Rick is a lawyer who hails from Filmore and still likes to call it home. He plans on making the day in Filmore an even bigger day after procuring the big business deal. He’s going to propose to Reagan. From the minute they arrive in town, things don’t go well. While Rick’s mom (Patty McCormack), a local innkeeper, is happy to see him, Rick’s high school sweetheart, Lisa (Nicole Eggert), isn’t, and she’s even less happy to see Reagan. A town meeting is called before the city council votes, and the town is easily swayed back and forth between Rick’s pitch and Lisa’s pleas.
The city council votes to go with Malone’s plan, and on Rick and Reagan’s way out of town to celebrate the victory, and for him to propose, they get car trouble and have to bring the car to Rick’s old buddy, Andy (David DeLuise), to fix it. Andy can’t get the foreign part in for a few days, and Rick and Reagan are stuck in Filmore. Reagan’s true colors start to show, where we see she isn’t really such a nice person and looks down on the townspeople and smalltown life.
This is where we start to realize once again that Christmas and small towns do go together, and that Malone’s plan isn’t necessarily such a good thing. At this point, we know exactly where this extremely light-heared romantic comedy is going, yet it still makes for just the right thing for those family nights at home.

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