| October 6, 2015

Most small time directors have delusions of grandeur. Some are lucky enough to have the talent and vision to bring their aspirations to life. Others are content with just stealing the best ideas from better directors and attempt to pass them off as their own. Sadly, this is the case with Timothy Woodward Jr’s straight-to-home-media release 4GOT10.

The basic story of 4GOT10 is Brian Barnes (Johnny Messner) wakes up in a California desert surrounded by dead bodies, millions in cash, and loads of cocaine. The local yokel sheriff (Michael Pare, Eddie And The Cruisers) and his deputy Sam (Michael J Long) stumble upon the scene. The sheriff sees all the money and dreams of retirement, whilst the young deputy condemns the sheriff for his greed. The sheriff shoots his deputy dead. Which wasn’t heartbreaking, considering how awful Long’s acting was in the scene. Barnes shoots off the sheriff’s right ear but thinks he killed him. Barnes flees in a vehicle with the millions in cash and the cocaine.

The movie begins to pick up steam with the arrival of the snarky, arrogant DEA agent Bob Rooker, played to perfection by Dolph Lundgren. Upon his arrival, he discovers that the CSI investigation of the crime scene is being watched high on a hill by drug kingpin Matteo Perez (Danny Trejo, Machete). It is revealed that the deceased deputy is the son of Perez, leading to his plot for vengeance, or something.

The plot for 4GOT10 is a convoluted mess. Director Woodward Jr tried WAY too hard to crossbreed Quentin Tarantino and Cormac McCarthy, with a little Matrixesque action thrown in for good measure. Needless to say, it failed miserably. The acting, aside from Lundgren, was atrocious. Having seen Messner’s work in Tears Of The Sun and Anancondas: The Hunt For The Blood Orchid, it amazes me that this man continues to get cast in anything, much less as the lead. Trejo at least tried to show some emotion when he’s standing over his son’s dead body. Pare’s sheriff was redneck and stereotypical. Vivica A. Fox, in her brief scenes, overacted to the hilt. Plus, the audience is bluntly hit over the head with obvious and obnoxious music cues time and again.

4GOT10 is a Cinedign release. The extras on the DVD and Blu-Ray include a behind-the-scenes featurette, as well as deleted scenes. If you are looking to increase your Dolph Lundgren home video library, pick up 4GOT10. Otherwise, it would be easier to make this movie a forgotten memory.

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