| September 19, 2017

Every once in a while a movie comes along that really lights up my imagination and I appreciate the potential of it more than the film itself.  It can be frustrating to see what a movie could do while instead it plays it safe.  Inception comes to mind as one of the coolest concepts for a sci-fi movie in recent memory with one of the best casts ever put together on film, but in my opinion it’s all wasted on a really boring corporate espionage story that I do not care about at all.

I originally wanted to watch 2:22 because of the tagline: “Understand the past. Change the Future.”  This to me screamed time travel movie and I will watch literally any time travel movie available to me.  I was pleasantly surprised by what the film is actually about.  Air traffic controller Dylan (Michael Huisman; Game of Thrones) begins to notice patterns in his day to day life (a drip of water, a dead bug, a car alarm) no matter where he is at specific moments throughout the day.  As he studies these patterns, and begins to date Sarah (Teresa Palmer; Warm Bodies), he comes to believe that he and Sarah are reincarnations of two people who were murdered 30 years earlier and the repeated patterns are warnings that they will be murdered again.

I think Dylan making this leap to the supernatural so quickly is what makes it difficult for me enjoy this movie.  The potential of the idea is exciting, but the execution is lacking and without that believable link between Dylan observing this phenomenon and figuring out what’s causing it, I found it difficult to enjoy the bulk of the film.

In addition to the poorly executed premise, I found the performances from Huisman and Palmer to be a little flat.  I’ve seen them both do very well in other things so I can’t help but blame the script for not giving them enough as characters to fully develop them and drive them forward through this crazy adventure.  They both just float through the movie and barely react to the crazy situations they find themselves in.

The film is visually stunning as we see these patterns unfold in Dylan’s mind.  A lot of gorgeous colors really catch the viewer’s attention.  It’s just unfortunate that the substance doesn’t live up the style.

Available September 26, 2017 on Blu-ray and DVD from Magnolia Home Entertainment.

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