The Three Nights of the Hunter Job – Leverage, Wednesday, August 11

| August 11, 2009

Sometimes we all just need to switch it up a little bit. We need that to break the monotony of doing the same thing every day, as well as remember why we’re doing what we’re doing. The characters of the TNT series Leverage needed to switch roles for those very reasons on the episode “The Three Nights of the Hunters Job” airing Wednesday, August 12. Since they each have such defined roles on the team that work with their own strengths, it makes it interesting, as well as pretty humorous.
A television journalist, Monica Hunter, hosts a news magazine show, Hunt for the Truth, designed to expose people. This character seems very much based on Nancy Grace, with the over-dramatizations, and even her look. Loaded with half truths and embellishments, she targets a law-abiding bus driver, and he loses his job and self respect. His daughter meets with Nate (Timothy Hutton) and Sophie (Gina Bellman), asking for their help in restoring her father’s image. Without hesitation, it’s Sophie that agrees to take the case.
Because Sophie was the one that agreed to take it, Nate tells her it’s hers. She’ll be running the case and the team, instead of him. He has a hard time letting go of the control, though, as he gets upset at little things, such as her telling Hardison (Aldis Hodge) to run the video, suggesting that that was something he figured he’d still do. Hardison and Eliot (Christian Kane) aren’t too happy having Sophie run things, remembering that it didn’t go well when Parker (Beth Riesgraf) had a go of it.
The plan is to set Monica Hunter up with a fake story that she feels compelled to air, yet that will ultimately expose her and take her down as the phony that she is. With Sophie running things, Nate slips somewhat into the role of the Grifter as he takes on the character of a General. Parker only needs to do the opposite of what she normally does which is difficult. She’s asked to be a bad thief, and she’s just too good. Eliot is left back at the headquarters to do the computer work … with jokes of “Let me see if I can do the HTTP. Oh wait, is that a back slash or a forward slash?” while Hardison is out doing the heavy work that Eliot normally does.
In the end, the characters only end up redefining their original roles of Mastermind, Grifter, Thief, Hitter, and Hacker. They have these roles because that’s what they’re good at. It’s what makes the team work well together. You can catch this episode of Leverage Wednesday, August 12, at 9 PM EST.

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