Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy Season 1 Volume 1 DVD Set

| August 23, 2011

On The History Channel’s Only in America, comedian Larry the Cable Guy explores various American activities, events, and innovations. Many of the segments are based around activities you’d expect Larry, as a Southern “blue-collar comic,” to explore: a demolition derby, a rodeo, or mule breeding, but there’s also a pleasant amount of purely American, yet completely citified, segments, including the Legends show in Las Vegas and the Wisconsin Dells.
The segments focus on sources of great American pride. Sure, we’re proud of democracy, freedom, and military strength, but Only in America taps into what really makes us proud to be Americans. Ingenuity, can-do attitude, and general badassery, most often focusing on stuff we sometimes forget is uniquely American, like our highways. Only in America does not give a boring lecture on America’s highways, but instead details the uniquely American results of the highways: A mermaid show roadside attraction, the Hells Angels motorcycle club, and Iowa 80, the world’s largest truck stop. Most countries use a roadway system, but Americans have incorporated it into our culture in a way that most countries haven’t.
It’s great to have a show, especially on The History Channel, that looks at history through a cultural lens instead of through a political one. It’s good to know that the 18th Amendment prohibited the sale and consumption of alcohol, but knowing that prohibition paved the way for NASCAR adds much more depth and meaning to the text-book history.
As a host, Larry the Cable Guy proves he’s willing to do anything including stick his finger in a bull’s behind, scoop elephant waste, and, my personal favorite, dress as a mermaid for the aforementioned mermaid show (he really hated that most). And what could be better than a host who’s game for anything? A host that is pretty dang funny. His years in stand-up comedy served him well not just for his one-line zingers, but also for his ability to find the humor in everything, especially if an interview is not going well. I was not a member of the “Git-R-Done” nation when the Blue Collar Comedy Tour was uber-popular, but I must admit, the man is funny.
Bottom line? Only in America is certainly worth the watch, but I wouldn’t recommend it for younger viewers as it tends to get a little raunchy (perhaps the downside to years of stand-up comedy). If you’re looking to learn a little and laugh a lot, go ahead and pick up this DVD set.

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