One Piece Collection No. 5

| March 31, 2012

One Piece Collection No.5 is the proof of how great One Piece is and a prime example of why this series has been so popular all around the world. Containing 26 episodes in the set and the remainder of the Alabasta arc, we see the Straw Hat pirates and Princess Vivi in a race against time, as they try to stop a major rebellion uprising and come face to face with Baroque Works and their leader, Crocodile. As one of the seven warlords of the seas, Crocodile’s vile plans are finally revealed and what he means to do within the dessert kingdom of Alabasta. Luffy and the gang must deal with them as well as Captain Smoker and the marines that are following them right into enemy territory. Major battles and revelations await in this set that just continues to grow into one of the finest examples the anime medium has to offer.

While this series has most definitely been a major investment in time, One Piece Collection No.5 rewards the viewer for all that time well spent. It pays off in so many ways, but the major ones being the Straw Hats growing stronger together and their latest major journey coming to a fulfilling conclusion. Much time has been spent showing how vile Crocodile can be, but in this set he manages to become one of the best antagonists the crew has had to go up against thus far, with all of his plans being revealed and all of the epic battles he has with Luffy. With all of the crew fighting against devil fruit users within Baroque Works, each of the fights present some clever battles and are perfect examples of how One Piece manages to balance its humor and action in these episodes.

There was only one real gripe I had with the entire set and it has to do with the 3rd intro for the show. In the latest opening animation that starts halfway into the set, we get to see the seventh member that joins the Straw Hats. They also happen to be a prominent villain that has been against them for quite some time and joins them in the very last episode of the set. While this is absolutely trivial, it just feels weird for the very opening of the show to give away a spoiler. The English dub of the show is okay, but still doesn’t capture the charm of the original Japanese language track. There’s commentary on two of the episodes, textless intros and outros and a slew of Funimation trailers that round out the entire set.

One Piece Collection No.5 raises the bar and really shows how exceptional this anime series is. Its got plenty of things to make an existing fan happy, as well as a newcomer to see how awesome this show is. Highly Recommended!

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