Things Never Said

| August 30, 2013

So much can be said with silence. Too many words can say so little. And a few words carefully placed can say a lot.

Things Never Said is a film about much more than poetry, but it has poetry at its base. The film almost feels like a poem itself.  For Kalindra Stepney, the main character in the film, poetry is her passion. Through her poetry, she releases hurt and pain, secrets and memories.

Kalindra is stuck between a rock and a hard place. She loves her husband, despite the fact that he has settled in his mediocre life and his sharp temper, but she feels trapped. Poetry is a way to release her frustration in the routine life she never pictured for herself, but has somehow become a part of. It is her escape.

She has dreams of pursuing her talent and making it a full time career, but the naysayers are everywhere. Her mother feels that it is time for her to move on and pursue a more tangible goal, and her husband, probably jealous as a result of the loss of his own dreams, writes her poetry off as unimportant.

Enter Curtis. A fellow poet, he and Kalindra connect and find that they view life in a similar way. They click almost immediately, throwing Kalindra into a spiraling new adventure that she didn’t see coming, and she isn’t quite sure how she wants it to end.

The simple cinematography is aesthetically pleasing. Despite some too-quick-transitioning b-roll in the beginning and a few too many fade to black transitions, Things Never Said is a technically flawless film.

It’s raunchy. It’s heartfelt. It captures the spirit of Los Angeles, as well as the spirit of the beautiful cast. The film also features quite a bit of poetry that is very well-done, and not overwhelming. There’s really great chemistry amongst the characters, and the different personalities in the film shine through, but none more brightly than Kalindra. She is a vibrant woman, who is full of heart and soul.

What the film lacks in originality, it makes up for in emotion, strength, and passion. The acting in the film is nothing to write home about, though there are some deeply heartfelt moments. The script is well done, but a few lines shine above the rest. It is personable and relatable. The complex characters and intertwining storylines draw the viewer in. The plot doesn’t seem too unique initially, but Things Never Said is full of surprises – some pleasant, some unpleasant.

Things Never Said carries messages about family, trust, and dreams. Some people are go-getters, and some prefer to settle. There is nothing wrong with either type of person, but the two worlds often collide; the closer the two parties are, the more powerful the collision is. Through her experiences, Kalindra comes to the realization that people can change, but not everyone chooses to. And in their own way, each character comes to understand that, though life isn’t fair, there can be so much beauty in it.

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