RiffTrax Live: Santa Claus

| December 6, 2014

Christmas is a wonderful time of year. Parents work extra shifts to buy little Billy and Susie everything their hearts desire. Stores work their part time employees to the bone for small wages. And Santa is busy lording over his multicultural child laborers on his cloud palace in outer space, whilst enlisting Merlin the magician to assist him in his battle against Lucifer and his minions. Wha…..? Merry Christmas?

Welcome to the holiday hijinks of RiffTrax Live: Santa Claus, brought to you by the terrific trio of Bill Corbitt, Mike Nelson, and Kevin Murphy. Santa Claus was one of the most popular episodes of Mystery Science Theatre 3000. Unfortunately, it was heavily edited for the television broadcast. The RiffTrax Live version is the unedited, director’s cut of this 1950’s awfully dubbed Christmas classic from Mexico. Here’s the lowdown: Santa lives on a cloud in outer space. He employs children from around the world to make toys in his workshop, which happens to have snow falling at all times. Santa has a lot on his plate, with Christmas coming soon and his seemingly never ending battle with Lucifer’s rambunctious demon follower Pitch.

Pitch is trying to convince all the children of the world (but mainly Mexico) to be naughty so Santa will be out of work. This movie would be utterly unwatchable without the quick comedic timing of the RiffTrax crew. One of the many classic lines from the event came from Corbitt: “devils in spandex, blowing nightmares at children? Merry Christmas!”. Bill Corbett was nattily attired as an elf, or what the catalog he bought the outfit from labeled “North Pole guy”.  There were many great pop culture references, including Stanley Spadowski, the janitor from the 1989 Weird Al film UHF, portrayed by a not-yet-Kramer Michael Richards. The sets constructed for Santa Claus made me ponder if this flick served as a major influence for director Terry Gilliam. His sci-fi epic Brazil definitely comes to mind. There’s even a dream sequence for a little girl named Lupita that’s very David Lynch-esque.

Fathom Events once again brings the hilarity of RiffTrax Live to select theatres across the country. Besides the feature, the short At Your Fingertips: Sugar and Spice will kick the evening off in bizarre fashion. And, make sure you get to your theatre 30 minutes early to catch songs and trivia geared toward that evening’s festivities. If you’re not in the holiday mood yet, you will be after two hours of laughter and merriment. If you missed the December 4 showing, sorry about your luck! Happy Holidays!

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