It’s Complicated

| December 26, 2009

As many things which are complicated, it all started at a weekend family gathering. There are some people we are just not supposed to sleep with, but when they find themselves unaccompanied, Jane and Jake Adler go for one more romp in the hay. 10 years after their divorce. With him married to someone 20 years younger than her.
Unfinished business? Revenge? Wanting to be the other woman? Chemistry? Lust? Loneliness? The booze did it? What the heck? Whatever the reason, Jane and Jake begin an affair that could bring them back together. And break apart their family.
Nominated before it’s release for three Golden Globe awards (Picture, Leading Actress, and Screenplay) It’s Complicated is just as much difficult, happy and sad but very enjoyable to watch. Adding to the complications of hooking up with her ex, Jane’s timing works against her in that Cupid picks that time to make her fall for the architect (Steve Martin as Adam) of her home remodel who wants to build her more than the kitchen of her dreams.
So after a decade of making her life seem “normal” again by building a business, seeing a therapist and focusing on her three children, Jane is now taking a look at her own needs and wants; balancing her first few dates with Adam as her husband (Alec Baldwin) plays Big Bad Wolf / Puppy Dog, falling for her, convincing her, to jump back into their old lives together.
I found this to be a great love story in that Streep(60) and Baldwin (52) were playing characters close to their actual ages and not making it an abnormal thing for people of their ages to be hot and heavy and frankly sexual for each other. Score one movie for the non 18-25 demographic. And to watch the three leads get involved with each other with the support of the rest of the cast (including John Krasinski from The Office as their Son-in-law to-be) makes for a great couple of hours of movie going.
I’m going to have to put It’s Complicated in the Must See category.
I do have a couple of other random thoughts though: Let me just start by saying that if smoking pot does to you what it does to Jane (Meryl Streep) and Adam (Steve Martin), I may have to reevaluate my thoughts on not smoking pot. And – if the addition that Jane wants to make to her house is the kitchen she always wanted – let me say I would gladly take the one she currently had in her house.

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