Hot Tub Time Machine

| March 24, 2010

Hot Tub Time Machine is the story of four men who are not living up to their dreams and all have mediocre lives filled with disappointment. Adam (John Cusack) has just been dumped by his girlfriend because he has become a self obsessed jerk, Lou (Rob Corddry) is a party guy who doesn’t seem to understand that the party ended over 20 years ago, Nick (Craig Robinson) gave up his dreams of being a rock star to be with his overbearing wife and Adam’s video game obsessed nephew Jacob (Clark Duke) would rather immerse himself in the contrived world of Second Life than leave the basement for real human interaction.
The men decide try to relive some of their glory days at their old party hang out, a sky lodge but they return to find the sky lodge and town have become a total dump and are in shambles not unlike their lives. The men decide to drown their troubles in a steamy hot tub whilst downing booze chased with Chernobylee, a Russian energy drink illegal in the US. The specific combination of their actions somehow opens a portal in the space time continuum and they travel back in time to the awesome weekend in 1986 when all their lives were still filled with hope and possibility. The men must decide whether to live the weekend exactly the same way to keep from destroying the future or throw caution to the wind and take this opportunity to change their destinies and get the futures (and women) they always wanted.
The film features cameos from Crispin Glover who does not disappoint as the weird one armed bell hop who always seems to be around just in time to help the men out of tight jams, and Chevy Chase reprises his Ty Webb mentor role as the hot tub repair man spewing incoherent advice and disappearing just when the men need him most. The soundtrack is loaded with 80s hits used ironically with perfect comedic timing.
John Cusack is the perfect choice for an 80s movie throwback about skiing. An homage to the hilarious and equally absurd Better Off Dead. Craig Robinson’s performance is brilliant in its impeccable comedic timing. Rob Corddry is hilarious but many of his jokes go past Sophomoric to downright pornographic. Clark Duke’s character is there to provide an outlet for jokes about the current generation’s faults and quirkiness. Hot Tub Time Machine is packed with great pop culture references such as The Terminator time paradox and subtle references to The Shinning including a man in a bear suit recurring in many scenes, a tribute to The Shinning’s famous scary scene.
With a title like Hot Tub Time Machine you know exactly what you’re getting. It’s the same marketing genius of Snakes on Plane. You know right out of the gate that this is a low brow gross out comedy with nudity, foul language, and tasteless humor. The characters have qualities we can all relate to, a fear that the decisions we’ve made have trapped us in a life we now despise. This movie is a hilarious look at the fantasy of being able to go back and erase all the mistakes we’ve made. If you remember the 80s in all it excessive glory you’ll enjoy this film.

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