Fools screening at the Big Apple Film Festival

| November 4, 2015

Fools, a film by Benjamin Meyer, will screen at the Big Apple Film Festival, Thursday, November 5th, 8:30 p.m. at the Village East Cinemas. Meyer will be in attendance.

Fools, Meyer’s feature directorial debut, which he also wrote, won the Audience Award at its World Premiere Screening in June at Dances with Films Festival in Hollywood. The film most recently screened at the Tulsa American Film Festival where it swept four awards, winning Best Narrative Feature Film, Best Feature Film Screenplay, Best Feature Film Actor: Michael Szeles, and Best Feature Film Actress: Mary Cross.

Fools is a Romantic Drama filmed in Chicago about two strangers who start a relationship in a most unconventional way. The film stars Mary Cross, Michael Szeles, Rebecca Spence, Janet Ulrich Brooks, Tony Fitzpatrick, Danny Goldring and Maury Cooper. Fools was Produced by Beth Schacter and Dana Scott, with Executive Producers Judith Weatherhead, Ann Daly, and Julie Gibson.

In Fools, two strangers brush hands on a crowded Chicago El train. A week later, without exchanging a word, they move in together. He’s barely hanging on after being fired, again. She’s fleeing an angry roommate. They make it work, the way two strangers can sometimes make strangeness work for them. Together, they fabricate a rich romantic history. But when reality intrudes, they must decide whether what they share is truly love, or just a fantasy.

This was a weird film, in that I didn’t think it possible for two people to move in with one another, after only meeting a week before. And the “fantasy” relationship building, as opposed to “real” relationship building, is surreal at first. But it works for both of them. Sam just blends in and follows along with his own stories. I did appreciate that the film was made in Chicago, as it’s always fun to see my city on the big screen. And Sam and Susan are shown doing regular things, like flirting with each other the EL, and taking walks throughout the neighborhood in which they live.

But even after playing back and forth with each other, making up these fantastic stories, after a while, it’s too much for Sam, and they break up. Susan moves out and angrily goes to the neighboring town to her father’s home. Her father is a strange sort, and I find it hard to believe that he or her siblings really care about her. Susan and Sam are left to decide just whether they should end this fantasy once and for all, and entirely, or begin a new one.

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