| May 20, 2009

Ghosts, Roswell, Bigfoot, angels, and demons – do you believe? Are you crazy? Probably. Why do we buy into all of these mysteries and unexplainable events? Whatever those reasons are be assured that it is not enough to satisfy our curiosity. We are meddling creatures always looking for answers. Every day new conspiracies develop, secrets are erased, and theories are formed. Yes, the next yahoo claiming to have all the answers will probably sell millions of copies of a book that took minutes to write. I confess – I refuse to buy that book. And like the rest of you, I would rather wait for the movie to be released in theaters.
Written by Dan Brown and published by Pocket Books in 2000, Angels and Demons introduced the incomparable Professor Robert Langdon, a symbologist from Harvard University. You guessed it – he is the only one of his kind and the only one prepared to solve the codes and riddles that somehow cross the threshold between religion and science. Stop a murderer, unravel a crime spree, and reveal the details of a centuries old conspiracy theory before a chunk of the world is blown to pieces – yes, all in a days work for Robert Langdon.
Directed by Ron Howard, Angels and Demons is the sequel to the hit film The Da Vinci Code. Professor Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) must scour the streets of Rome to expose a diabolical plan aimed to destroy the Vatican. The perpetrators – a secret society comprised of renowned scientist and scholars who call themselves the Illuminati, the enlightened ones.
Christians, atheist and pagans lend me your ears. Angels and Demons is a fun film and nothing more. Of course, the crazed will always find something to protest about. Hollywood is a pimp and religion is its bitch and together they will make millions and millions of dollars. That is inevitably. What is also inevitable is the talent in this film. The direction is top notch – yup, Mr. Howard has done his homework. The acting was decent – nothing memorable there. Tom Hanks is a great actor, but Robert Langdon is a character that lacks substance. So what if he is a symbologist – big whoop! It is a race against evil. The clock is ticking. Will good overcome evil? Yes. Should you see this film? Yeah. Does it sound familiar? Sure does. … Jack Bauer must be shaking with madness in his combat boots.

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