A Picture of You

| June 17, 2014

Kyle and Jen, estranged siblings, travel from New York City to rural Pennsylvania to pack up the home of their recently deceased mother. While there, they inadvertently make a shocking discovery that turns their world upside-down.

A serious movie about life that collides into a funny movie about death, A Picture of You is a story about loss, family, secrets, making up, and moving on.

It is obvious that the siblings have had an estranged relationship, when they pull up to their mother’s home to handle her estate. Jen couldn’t stand to be on the trip alone with Kyle, and she has invited her boyfriend and one of her best girlfriends to meet them there the next day. Kyle and Jen go grocery shopping to stock up for the weekend, but Kyle is frustrated because he has to pitch in on the booze that Jen insists on throwing in the cart.

There is much friction, as they eat breakfast and bicker over who will take what room to clear out and just in what manner the books should be inventoried. But eventually they begin to at least be civil toward one another for the sake of preparing the home for sale. The discovery of questionable photos on their mother’s computer sets off a tailspin of activities that is both funny and awkward. Jen is more concerned about finding out just whose “member” is included on one of the photos. And there are also photos of the mother that are really embarrassing. Kyle would just as soon smash the hard drive and forget the entire episode.

Jen’s guests arrive, and they bring their own odd behavior with them–the least of which is that everyone smokes weed, except for Kyle. But after much drinking and weed smoking, Jen tells her guests, and they all view the photos together, using some computer program to track down the address of the person who sent the photo to their mother. They all decide to go to the man’s house, but what they find doesn’t help any, and they risk being shot after the homeowner senses that someone is lurking outside. The scenes around this surveillance are some of the funniest ones in the movie.

A Picture of You is a nice tale of two siblings who, whether they want to or not, finally come to terms with being with each other, even though their mother will no longer be with them. Both Jen and Kyle reminisce about their childhoods through flashbacks of their mother. At the end of the day, whatever personal stuff their mother was involved in is best left taken to her grave, and the two siblings picture each other in a different and better light. Although the movie’s subject is serious, the director, J.P. Chan, integrates a funny subplot that had me rolling.

A Picture of You stars Jo Mei, Andy Pang, Teyonah Parris and Lucas Dixon. J.P. Chan is also the writer and producer and is a self-taught indie filmmaker and playwright who lives in New York City and who holds down a day job shooting videos for the MTA. A Picture of You will premiere at AMC Loews Village 7 in New York City, with additional cities to follow. Visit www.apoyfilm.com.


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Elaine Hegwood Bowen, M.S.J., is an editor, writer and film critic in Chicago. She is the author of "Old School Adventures from Englewood--South Side of Chicago" and the proud parent of "the smart rapper"--chemist-turned-rapper, turned humanitarian...Psalm One!
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