30th Anniversary Screening of Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives w/ director Tommy McLoughlin in Chicago – Oct. 22

| October 18, 2016

Tommy McLoughlin directed one of the most enduring sequels in the history of horror films with Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives. Not only did Tommy bring Jason Voorhees back to life after an untimely death in the 4th installment of the Friday series, but he helped re-invigorate the horror genre as a whole with a self-reflexive humor element that was rarely seen in horror films up to that point. Jason Lives manages to have genuine scares and real laughs, enabling it to have its gore and eat it too.

On the eve of the 30th Anniversary of the seminal Friday franchise film, we spoke to the extremely nice Tommy McLoughlin (One Dark Night, Sometimes They Come Back) in anticipation of his appearance at the 24-Hour-Horror-Movie-Marathon, The Massacre, in Chicago on Oct. 22nd at The Patio Theater (6008 W. Irving Park Rd., Chicago, IL). In addition to talking about Jason Lives and signing free autographs (a rare occurance nowadays) and taking pictures with fans, Tommy, who is in a fantastic garage rock band called, The Sloths, will also sing the title track of the film, “He’s Back (The Man Behind The Mask),” backed by The Romeros.  Make sure to get out to The Massacre (facebook.com/terrorintheaisles), one of the best genre events in the Country, and meet Tommy in person and shake hands with the Man. Buy your tickets here!


I recently talked with Tommy McLoughlin about Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives:

Q.) How did you get involved with Friday the 13th Part. 6: Jason Lives?

A.) I was contacted by Frank Mancuso Jr. at Paramount. He had seen my first film, One Dark Night. He wanted me to write and direct Friday Part 6. My marching orders were simple: Bring Jason back to life.
Q.) What made you decide to bring humor into the film?

A.) I told Frank I couldn’t do the film without my dark sense of humor. I wanted the audience to know immediately that this was going to be a “fun” scary ride.


Q.) How was the film received when it first came out?

A.) To ALL of our amazement, it was much better reviewed by major publications than any Friday the 13th before.  Critics said that, “You can’t hate a film that makes fun of itself.”
Q.) How long was the shoot and what was a typical day like?

A.) If I recall it was a 28 or 30 day shoot. Basically, other than the first 2 days, all the shooting was at night, sundown to sun up. It was a vampire film production.
Q.) What was the budget of the film and how did it do at the box office?

A.) The budget was in the 3 million dollar range. We came in under budget. It did well at the box office… but not as huge as desired.  That was blamed on fans who were pissed about Part 5 [which did not feature Jason, who died in Part 4] and did not return.


Q) Did Paramount interact with you much before/during/after the making of the film? Did they give you freedom or were they guiding you through the process?

A.) Frank Nancuso and Paramount gave me total freedom to make the film I wanted.  They were happy with the script and the dailies. It was wonderful for me.


Q.) When you were filming how did you go about doing the fx scenes? We they shot separately by another crew while dialogue scenes were being filmed or what was your method?

A.) There was very little I wasn’t involved in. I’m extremely hands on.  There were a few specific non-actor effects that were done without me.

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