Leverage, Winter Premiere, Jan. 13

| January 13, 2010

The burning question looming in front of us leading into the Winter premiere of Leverage is what’s going on with the Sophie Devereaux (Gina Bellman) character and what will happen to her replacement that came in at the end of last season, Tara Cole (Jeri Ryan). True to the grifting personality, Tara came in to the case posing as a lawyer, just to test out Nathan’s (Timothy Hutton) team a little. By the end of the episode, she revealed to Nate and the others that she was there at Sophie’s request to fill in for her.
At the start of the Winter season, Tara is still there, and Sophie is still gone. Tara is still working with Nate and the others. Sophie seems almost like she’s on a self-imposed exile in Europe. She seems to not need time away as much as she needs time away from Nate, but he refuses to admit to her that they need her. In other words, he’s no different than many other men. So there she stays.
The case tonight involves a sweatshop operating here in the U.S. We like to think that they only happen overseas, but apparently they exist stateside as well. Nate’s team works to expose the owners, a husband and wife outfit. She would like nothing more than to branch out into her own line of designer wear, instead of just crafting knockoff of others. Nate and the others put on a fake fashion show to lure her in.
The interesting thing is that by the end of the episode, it’s clear as mud to whether Nate and the others can trust Tara or not. Every time we, and they, think she’s trustworthy, she pulls something where it makes it unclear again. Is she only out for her own gain, or is she just a really good grifter?
This season premiere seems to ask more questions than it answers.

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