See the 80’s Cult Slasher Sleepaway Camp with star Felissa Rose in Person (Oct. 14 – Chicago)

| October 11, 2017

Sleepaway Camp is one of the most beloved slasher films of the 80’s, boasting one of the greatest endings in the history of horror cinema.  Felissa Rose, a young teenager when she played the role of Angela in Sleepaway Camp, is known as one of the most charming and friendly folks on the horror convention circuit.

This Saturday, Oct. 14, fans will get the rare opportunity to see Felissa Rose do a Q & A with Sleepaway Camp, along with screenings of Creepshow, Terror Train, Aliens, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 and Let’s Scare Jessica To Death, at The Massacre 24-hour-horror-movie-marathon (presale tickets $20 here: at The Patio Theater (6008 W. Irving Park Rd, Chicago). For more info, visit: You do not want to miss this show, or the opportunity to get autographs and take pictures with the lovely Felissa Rose.

We spoke to Felissa Rose on the eve of her coming to Chicago with the cult classic Sleepaway Camp.


Q. How did you end up getting the role of Angela in Sleepaway Camp?

Felissa Rose: I had a manager in NY! It was my first audition. So much fun and loved Robert the director right away!!


What was a typical shooting day like for you? 

Enjoying camp life! [Laughing] I was always with the cast and we had so much fun!!


How did Robert Hiltzik go about directing you on set? Did you do rehearsals before you got to the set or on the set? 

We had rehearsals and once we were there he really worked with me. He needed that creepiness and that sadness to come through.


Did your parents let you see the finished film when it first came out? What was your reaction to the piece? 

They definitely loved the idea of me being in a film! I saw it with  them and I loved it. I was shocked by the end!


Did you/your parents know about the infamous ending of the film when you were working on Sleepaway Camp? Was that moment in the script?

Yes, I read the script when I was cast and knew what the ending was all about!


What were your favorite parts of making Sleepaway Camp

The family atmosphere! Robert created a very close knit group with all of us! So many good times together.


What makes the character of Angela interesting to you? 

She got revenge! [Laughing]


What kind of film roles/genres have you not done to date that you would like to try out?

I’d love to do an action film!


Is there anything in particular that you look for in roles when people approach you about being in their films?  

I like a character with depth. Whether it’s comedy or horror, it’s always fun to see some texture and change through the course of the film.


Are there any things you avoid when looking at roles, or have you asked people to change anything in scripts you might have been uncomfortable with? 

No, I’m pretty open and haven’t dealt with anything too crazy!


What do you most enjoy about being an actor/actress?

Working with other actors and creating back stories! Always fun to play different personalities.


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