| February 20, 2007

Evil, line by writer/director Yorgos Noussia, is the new horror film from TLA Releasing’s “Danger After Dark.” Evil is a Greek zombie movie, shot in Athens, that claims to be an over-the-top gorefest inspired by the early films of Sam Raimi and Peter Jackson, obviously referring to Raimi’s Evil Dead and Jackson’s Dead Alive. Calling Evil a gorefest is dead-on; comparing it to the early films of Raimi and Jackson is, well, getting a little ahead of itself. Evil lacks the inventive style and creative artistry that Raimi’s and Jackson’s early films possess. Evil is more like a Greek Troma film that compensates low production value with extreme over the top gore, guts and decapitated heads.
The story is fairly recycled; an evil force starts turning the citizens of Athens into zombies. The survivors run like hell and fight zombies. Sometimes simple is good enough. This movie recognizes its limitations and decides to have fun with it. Evil is a simple, fun little splatterfest shot on DV that will please fans of low-budget zombie movies but lacks the ability to do anything ground breaking. It does however have multiple forms of impalement. Noteworthy to say that the DVD Box cover looks like a comic book cover and is a pretty excellent looking illustration.

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